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At its core, TheSportSeen is a sports focused online social media community where the fan, the athlete, the casual viewer and organized sport all co-exist. Our aim is to create a unified, diverse arena where like-minded sports fans can collaborate regardless of national boundaries. We are committed to providing an online platform for sports enthusiasts to engage in sports activities, track favorite teams and promote sports identity.


There are limitless opportunities to showcase talent and your love for sports on TheSportSeen.

  • Share favorite sports moments by posting photos, videos and news posts
  • Increase exposure by highlighting your talent and achievements
  • Promote your team by starting a team or a league profile and establish a fan base
  • Personalize your profile to be shared with your private community or with TheSportSeen public
  • Tell your story and gain followers who will show you support! Get in… Get Seen!


Make an impact and leave a sports footprint in the world. TheSportSeen serves as a multi-directional content provider where your contribution to the topic is as important as the news being provided.

  • Create original content and join conversations to share your thoughts and opinions
  • Control your feed and receive the most up-to-date news on your favorite teams
  • Customize analytics to capture a group, team or individual’s performance
  • Link your favorite teams’ websites to your personal profile page